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The lack of proper entrepreneurial and business skills is cited as one of the major causes of failure of small businesses and income generating activities (IGAs) in Namibia. Having realized this fact and seeing the need to impart best provider in managing IGAs and offering training services has become the core of Namibia Women in Business (NAWIB)’s activities. Over the years NAWIB has emerged as the major actor in small business services provider in the area of training.



NAWIB has been involved with training of entrepreneur in micro-business for a couple of years with the underlining aim of cultivating the entrepreneurship culture, and imparting best entrepreneurship practices. In all these trainings, NAWIB is guided by a mixed and well balance adult learning based approach training delivery. We use a highly interactive approach follow the adage ‘what I hear, I forget, what I see, I remember, what I do, I know’. Doing brings out the participants’ experiences so that they can positively impact on the learning experiences. Accordingly, in addition to lectures (HEARING) group exercises, case studies (DOING), OHP transparencies, and flipcharts (SEEING) will be used. These bring out the analytical skills of learners while at the same time experiences are enhanced. The entire realm of the methodology is to maximize both the pedagogy and andragogical approaches. This makes the learners to participate in total experience rather than merely being passive participants. The variety is introduced to capture the attention and imagination of the participants by lengthening their span of mental concentration. The trainings that NAWIB engages in are at two levels; Training of Trainers (TOTs) and direct training to communities involved in income generating projects.


Nawib assist, where possible, its members with obtaining loans, credits or grants for purpose of starting, setting up, maintaining their business ventures;

Training of Trainers

Having realized that there are more embarking on incoming generating projects and small businesses that are in need of business management training, NAWIB decided to offer TOTs courses for Government officials in line ministries and stake holders who might desire this type of training? The course is offered with the view that the trained people will in turn train prospective entrepreneurs. The TOT course is incorporated with the business management training. The clients have the prerogative to specify the areas to be emphasized. The major training of trainers (TOTs) topics included but not limited to the following:

Our Journey

Namibia Women in Business (NAWIB) was founded in 1995 as a None Governmental Organization (NGO) to spearhead and tackle challenges faced by women in business small-medium enterprises in general. The major challenges faced by most entrepreneurs at that time and currently include but not limited to the following; lack of access to funding, entrepreneurship skills, and business management skills. Thus NAWIB aims to support Namibians entrepreneurs either cooperatives or individuals to enable them to improve their business thus eventually their socio-economic status.


At its inception NAWIB was gender biased towards promoting women’s business exclusively. However the organization now seeks to promote both men and women in small- medium enterprises as poverty cuts across all gender.


Our main target groups encompasses; people requiring to be as trained cooperatives engaging in income generating activities , small-medium business people etc.

See Us in Action

We maintain visual records of our activities. We want you to see the work we have documented

What our Members Say

"Thanks to Nawib, my business is doing well through the ongoing support and engcouragement on daily basis. I have gained confidence and independence through the loan program. At the moment, I am able to do so much on my own. Nawib has built my self-esteem in a way that i am an honest and trustworthy person."
Teopolina Kamati
Business Woman
"I have learned about business management at Nawib more specifically: how to run a business.The training I attended with Nawib was an eye opener on how to deal with customers, it also assisted in setting price standards for her products. Furthermore, I gainned a micro loan from Nawib. I therefore recommend every women to join Nawib to gain abilities to grow your businesses and lift up the economic standard of Namibia."
Ottilie Haimbodi
Designer & Tailor