Namibia Women in Business (NAWIB) was founded in 1995 as a None Governmental Organization (NGO) to spearhead and tackle challenges faced by women in business small-medium enterprises in general. The major challenges faced by most entrepreneurs at that time and currently include but not limited to the following; lack of access to funding, entrepreneurship skills, and business management skills. Thus NAWIB aims to support Namibians entrepreneurs either cooperatives or individuals to enable them to improve their business thus eventually their socio-economic status.

At its inception NAWIB was gender biased towards promoting women’s business exclusively. However the organization now seeks to promote both men and women in small- medium enterprises as poverty cuts across all gender.

Our main target groups encompasses; people requiring to be as trained cooperatives engaging in income generating activities , small-medium business people etc.


Mrs Christophina Mutumbulwa - Festus


A graduate of The Polytechnic of Namibia, Holding a Bachelor of Technology in Accounting and Finance, also acquired a Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounts from Pitman.

Worked for NAWIB for 18 years. She worked as Financial Assistant, then promoted to Finance Officer position. A responsibility as Acting Secretary General was also added to her duties.


Ms Anna Tsamares


A graduate of NISIET University India Hyderabad, studied Empowerment of Women through Enterprise. Currently is credit officer at NAWIB, but compliment also as a business advisor and facilitator.

Directly involved with Nawib beneficiaries. Tas is mainly outreach and promotion as well as to recruited the members, also to identify the needs of the members and assist and train them according to the outcome of their needs assessment.

Passion about  bringing out the potential within our most valuable assets, the ‘’members’’to lead them into their prosperity as it is one of the objectives which is to up-lift their living standards.




To be the leader in promoting and training small-medium entrepreneurs of Namibia.




Our mission is to study the needs of our clients beyond their expectation. The organization is driven by its commitment to operate professionally in order to set unsurpassed pace to NGOs in small-medium enterprise capacity building services sector.




  • To be the leader in small business services provision in the area of basic entrepreneur.
  • To be ahead rest in the training of trainers (TOT) in the business management domain.
  • To establish and run the NAWIB credit revolving scheme.
  • To assist Namibian small-medium businesses and IGAs to participate actively and contribute to national economic growth
  • To lobby and engage in advocacy to ensure that the concerns of small-medium business are place on national and local economic development agenda.
  • To Facilitate and solicit funds for exchange as well as exposure trips.
  • To facilitative institutional capacity for its clients in the area of business management and marketing.

Our Impact

Mrs. Teopolina Kamati, who joined Nawib in 2015 says she has gained experience running a business. She has gained confidence and independence through the loan program. At the moment, she is able to do so much on her own. She is more determined. Nawib has built her self-esteem in a way that she is an honest and trustworthy person.The business she started has improved and is still growing. Thanks to Nawib that The business is doing well through the ongoing support and engcouragement on daily basis. She wants Nawib to have enough resources to accomodate financial services to its members of other regions
Teopolina Kamati
Business Woman
Ms Ottilie Haimbodi, an executive member of Nawib joinned Nawib immediately after it was established in the year 1995. According to her, she has learned about business management at Nawib more specifically: how to run a business.The training she attended with Nawib was an eye opener on how to deal with customers, it also assisted in setting price standards for her products. Furthermore, she gainned a micro loan from Nawib. She recommends every women to join Nawib sothat they can gain abilities to grow their businesses and lift up the economic standard of Namibia.
Ottilie Haimbodi
Designer & Tailor